Alisio is a new version of Agario with a lot of new features !
Click Here To Play On Big Screen. Game - Alis io New is a new .io game very similar to but this game has a lot of other features than You can say its a advance version of This game has a lot of features like Zoom speed, hide my name, custom skins, private servers PVP, Chat Box, Auto Zoom, FPS and much more. Private Servers

This game has got a lot of server. You can join your desire server in the game or you can also create one custom server where you can play with your friends by sharing the link. This game has a lot to give. The controllers are quite similar to You can also spectate in the game and see other big players how well they are playing. Their are also custom hotkeys you can create in the game. Just select the option and select your favorite hotkeys.
Custom Skins in

You can create every kind of skin in the game. Just upload your desire skin in and copy paste the link of skin in skin Url tab and play with your favorite skin. Keep playing this awesome new game and also play unblocked at school. | gun game | | | | | | | deeeep io | blockor io | hordes io |